Who Really is DMX?

It has been just over 2 weeks since the passing of DMX real name Earl Simmons. Whilst listening to one of DMX’s tracks “Let Me Fly” it passed my mind that it’s been awhile since I've listened to his music and it's a shame that typically when an artist passes we then begin listening to their music. Whilst listening to the realness of DMX’s tracks I thought to myself “Who really is DMX”.

Who really is DMX? Real name Earl Simmons, DMX was born in Mount Vernon, New York. DMX had 15 children and was married to Tashera Simmons. At the age of 14 years old DMX got into music by beatboxing and nicknamed himself DMX after the Oberhiem DMX drum machine. DMX’s music career earned him a place in music history, when he became the first artist to have his first 5 albums go to number one in the billboard charts. DMX’s greatness also led to a successful career as a star in Hollywood films. Sadly DMX passed away on Friday 9th April 2021 age 50. RIP Earl


Earl Simmons was born on December 18, 1970 in Mount Vernon, New York. As a child, DMX suffered severely from bronchial asthma this put his dream of being a firefighter to an end.

During DMX’s stay in a group care home, Simmons bonded with other students from New York over their shared love of hip hop music. When he returned home, DMX met Ready Ron, a local rapper, who was impressed with Simmons' beatboxing skills and asked him to become his partner. The name "DMX" came from an instrument he had used at the boys' home, the Oberheim DMX drum machine. It later was also interpreted as "Dark Man X".

DMX was the father of 15 children from 9 different women. He married his childhood friend Tashera Simmons in 1999 and they were married for 11 years before their divorce.


In 1984 at the age of 14, DMX began his music career, when he beatboxed for Ready Ron. DMX is the only musical artist in history to release five consecutive albums (his entire album catalog at the time) that debuted at number one. DMX’s talents also led to a successful star in blockbuster films. In late February 2012, Seven Arts Pictures acquired the catalog of DMX's music and signed DMX to a two-album deal.


DMX was the second-fastest on the track and field varsity team, but due to his bad grades and attendance record he wasn't able to pursue them further. In 2003, DMX published a book of his memoirs titled, E.A.R.L.: The Autobiography of DMX. DMX has sold over 30 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling hip-hop artists of all time. In 2009, DMX pursued preaching in Jersey City, New Jersey as well as continued to produce music. He completed a Gospel music album Walk With Me Now and You’ll Fly With Me Later. DMX also released two clothing lines in 2007, DMX Authentic and The Earl Simmons Signature Collection which featured higher-end garments.


DMX was taken to the hospital in White Plains, New York on 2nd April 2021 and remained in a critical care unit. It has been said he was placed on a life support machine after apparently suffering a heart attack and died 5 days later on Friday 9th April 2021 aged 50.

"Earl's music inspired countless fans across the world and his iconic legacy will live on forever," Words from Family.

There are various reports on the death of DMX with a large number of people questioning whether it may have been something more sinister and deep than what the media is telling us.

If you listen to his music, what he’s really saying, the messages he’s telling us, DMX isn't just a normal hip hop rapper.

Earl stood and will forever stand as a symbol to no matter what situation you put a stray dog in, it will SURVIVE. GROWLS!!!!

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