Louis Jacque aka Meany, Manchester’s Lyrical MC.

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Manchester’s most lyrical rapper MC Meany has just recently dropped on a track “Risk it All (Remix)” with several other Manchester artists such as Jordan McCann. Click the link to hear Meany’s bars that will be sure to send shivers down your spine. He drops in at 5.23 on the track fire!!!

Louis Jacque aka Meany was raised in Levenshulme, Manchester, England.

Meany has always had a talent for preforming whether it be behind the mic or on stage. Meany began his career in acting and got his first big break as a teenager in an Official Xbox 360 advert which seen him travel to Shanghai, China for the filming. Meany has appeared in several other roles in various British BBC dramas such as Outlaws, Spooks, New Street Law. Meany starred in the Innocence Project between 2005 and 2008 which was his longest role.

Meany however, was still writing his own music whilst acting and choose to putting his acting career aside to pursue his love for music.

Meany began song writing at 15 and when Meany was just 17 years old he released his first mixtape titled “Poetic Crime” this was sold and distributed directly onto the streets of Manchester and sold over 1000 copies.

Meany is well known for his tracks Grimesville and HallowMean

Get on his social media to check him out and see why he’s Manchester’s most lyrical rapper MC.

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